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About Nina Aranovich
I was born in Cremia. 1979 graduated art-industrial-graphic faculty St. Petersburg Art College named after N. K. Roerich (until 1992 – Leningrad Art College (LHU) named after V. A. Serov) BA of Graphic Art.

Before moved to USA, in Russia I used to work as art decorator, art designer miniature decorative souvenirs, restorer of paintings and sculptures and more..

1993 moved to NY where worked as art designer of toy hokey collections, work as restorer antiques: porcelain, glass, paintings, sculpture, marble statues, icons and more. For many years changed field to IT. 2020 inspired with abstract paintings using acrylic, mediums, multiple layers, marks and other techniques started with art again. My style as an abstract painter began as an exercise to free herself from the technical restraints of realism. Nonrepresentational abstract became a creatively freeing direction. My work relate to predominantly non-representative but based from organic shapes with strong ties to nature. The organic structures are balanced with cavernous spaces and are filled with light and glow with an atmospheric quality.

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